About OK Tea

This OK tea = the name of Taiwan Light "authentic / zhenggang" mountain tea oolong tea, Jinxuan tea, black tea.

The tea garden is located in the Alishan National Scenic Area. It is the junction of the upstream watersheds of the two famous streams of Zengwenxi and Bazhangxi in the south. It is backed by the main peak of the Central Mountain Range, Yushan. The continuous mountains are like a screen provided by nature. The southwestern end is a vast expanse of land, known as the barn of the Jianan Plain. The unique location of the glazed light shooting is indeed a fairyland on earth.

The essence of the sun, moon, and dew in the tea area is very suitable for growing and cultivating high-quality tea trees. There are three reasons for the excellent environment:
1. High altitude, low temperature, large temperature difference between day and night, about 8 to 13 degrees Celsius.
2. The climate is cool and humid throughout the year, and the clouds are shrouded in the morning and evening, the rainfall is average, and the dew is nourishing.
3. The mountain drainage plan is good, and the soil is sandy loam, which is most suitable for the growth of tea trees.

It is difficult for the general tea area to have three types of time, geographical advantages, and harmony. The Shihao tea area has been unique for many years, and everything is available, so that high-quality tea trees can be planted. Promote the cultivation of healthy trees, bud and leaf development is even, the leaves are plump, thick, delicate, and high in pectin content. In the traditional way, the soft and tender tea extracts are picked with both hands, and after the tea making process, the tea leaves have a distinct flavor, with a mellow fragrance and elegant aftertaste.

From planting, harvesting, tea making and sales, all are one-stop production methods. Team management, never fake the hands of others, let the quality stable to provide everyone with peace of mind, buy at ease, and considerate delivery.

Not only is it deeply loved by Taiwanese, but also foreign tourists. Every time I visit Alishan, I must ask about the localized tea production culture. Whether it is gift-giving or personal use, the best recommended choice for agricultural products. High quality and cost-effective is also worth sharing to the world!

** This shop promises to produce in Taiwan, (Limited, Limited) delivery in Taiwan. All teas sold are high-quality teas produced by Taiwanese local craftsmanship. No mixed tea (different tea areas), no foreign tea (desktop tea), fake counterfeit, and increase its packaging output.

The group of Dingshihao Trails enjoys the beauty of Alishan
Located in Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County, Shizhao is an important relay station on Alishan Highway between 1200 meters and 1600 meters above sea level. The major scenic spots are accessible to the outside world, including Fenqi Lake, Taihe, and Dabang and Lijia tribes to the south. The roadside scenes are mostly tea garden terraces, and there are also planned top stone chute trails. The "Fog Road Trail" and "Tea Road" The trail, the "cloud trail", the "xia trail", and the "sakura trail" compose the beautiful scenery of Alishan's fog, clouds, clouds, tea garden, cedar forest and bamboo forest.

Taiwan tea is famous for winning the championship!
Almost all counties and cities in Taiwan have their own representative tea types and names from flat land to high altitude. Their raw materials and production methods are different, resulting in the performance of all-view-> color, smell-> fragrance, taste-> taste . Through the experienced team of masters, every delicate execution in production will change its essence and show its unique fragrance and taste of tea road!

The tea making process also has its own ingenuity, each tea type has its favorite, and tea rhyme is difficult to present consistently. When a tea guest tastes the taste preference of "tea", once he gets used to the charm of tea, drinking and drinking is still the most familiar. Tea rhyme is the most OK drink, but a loyal tea guest who is familiar with tea culture is not easy to operate for a long time, so of course the good quality of the tea is of course the main basic condition, and the stability of the tea master to control the tea rhyme is also indispensable! Of course, with the accumulated long-term kung fu solid hardening chain, only today's OK tea!